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Reasons to Buy JSW Neosteel TMT Bars for Your Home

Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars are anti-corrosion steel bars which have solid outer surfaces and soft cores. As they are made with high strength and ductility, the most requiring component for construction of a building, TMT bars are used particularly for industrial establishments, bridges, residential buildings and all kinds of concrete reinforcement purposes.

These are a few reasons why JSW Neosteel TMT bars are being widely used in construction projects today:

1. Superior Strength

The advanced metallurgical processes involved in manufacturing TMT bars hardens their outer surface and makes them at least 20% stronger than the bars that are manufactured using the dated cold twisting process.


2. High Ductility

Elongation is defined as a bar’s ability to deform before its fracture. If the percentage of elongation is higher, the chances of damage to the building are less. It protects the building from damages during any natural calamity such as an earthquake. This is why JSW Neosteel TMT bars are preferred for construction in earthquake prone areas.


3. Unique Bending Properties

TMT bars can be bended and moulded into any shape for a construction project. The bending and re-bending ability of these bars make them the easiest materials to work with. They have a soft ferrite-pearlite core which gives them high ductility combined with great strength and enhanced safety to any structure. Having low carbon content, the JSW Neosteel TMT bars are eligible for use in weld joints and butt without compromising the strength at the joints.


4. Corrosion Resistant Properties

TMT bars go through a controlled process of cooling which prevents the formation of any coarse carbide, the primary cause of corrosion in common bars. While being used in construction projects, TMT bars are exposed to water for a long period; during this time, the anti-corrosive properties of these bars increase their life. Traditional bars do not have such anti-corrosive properties and thus are vulnerable to rusting. This is highly dangerous for a building.


5. Fatigue Resistant Properties

These bars have the unique capability to withstand pressure and resist fatigue. The soft ferrite-pearlite core of TMT bars enables them to bear any kind of loading including seismic loading. This extreme fatigue resistant property makes them the most appropriate construction material for earthquake prone areas.


6. Bond Better with Cement

JSW Neosteel TMT bars also bond better with concrete or cement. The ribs running across the length of the bar on its surface give them superior bonding strength. This helps in providing first-rate strength to the structure of the building and increases its longevity.


JSW Steel is known to be one of the best TMT bars manufacturers in India. JSW Neosteel TMT Rebars are made in state-of-the-art rolling mills, through extensive metallurgical processes, involving the Thermo Mechanical Treatment method. It exhibits properties like high weldability, corrosion resistance, ductility and durability making them the best in the market. Manufactured from virgin iron ore in state of the art rolling mills, every single running foot of JSW Neosteel TMT bars is free from impurities and has uniform properties.


JSW Neosteel TMT bars have the highest grade of purity and lowest sulphur and phosphorous content, making it strong. The blast furnace, LD steel making, ladle refining, and continuous casting of billets ensures the desired mechanical properties with minimum tramp elements. The sulphur and phosphorous content is restricted to 0.005% to 0.035%. It has a high fatigue resistance to seismic loads which makes JSW Neosteel TMT Bars the obvious choice in earthquake disaster prone areas.


It is indisputable that one can achieve economy in design and construction of high-rise buildings with improved seismic resistance. As governments and policy-making bodies across the world emphasise the importance of constructing disaster-prone buildings, and rightly so, the JSW Neosteel TMT Bars make for a definitive choice of material for investing in futuristic buildings.