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JSW Neosteel combines highest grade of quality and flexibility.

JSW Neosteel is a superior quality TMT bar with higher strength coupled with flexibility. What sets JSW Neosteel apart is the manufacturing process that ensures a product of unmatched quality. To begin with, it is made from virgin iron ore, which gives it the highest grade of purity. Then, there’s the state-of-the-art rolling process, which imparts uniform properties across the bar. Even though these bars have high strength due to their inherent microstructure that comes with a soft ferrite and pearlite core, these TMT bars are bendable into customised shapes. JSW Neosteel, because of its unique rib pattern, bonds firmly with concrete, creating a life-long bond. It is made through state-of-the-art MORGAN technology, which is known for producing high-quality HYQST (High yield Quenched and Self tempered) through METCS (Morgan enhanced temperature control system) Process.

Introduced in 2009, with the name JSW TMT Plus, which was later re-christened as JSW Neosteel in the year 2015, with a revised brand proposition of Pure TMT Bars from an earlier positioning of Premium TMT Bar. In 2020, we launched a new variant of JSW Neosteel 550D with enhanced strength and flexibility. We launched it with the aim – “Better Strength, More Savings” to highlight cost savings from reduced consumption of steel.


  • It is highly pure, which gives it enhanced strength and durability.

  • It bonds perfectly with cement, thanks to its best-in-class rib pattern with the highest AR value. That means more resilience to any kind of load.

  • It is highly resistant to earthquakes, due to a combination of higher strength and ductility. A high UTS/YS ratio of 1.15 minimum raises its capacity to absorb energy.

  • It can be easily welded, due to its low carbon content. It can be easily butt-welded, lap-welded and manual arc-welded, without any pre-heating.

  • It is highly anti-corrosive, due to its unique, uniform microstructure and the absence of residual stresses.

  • It is also easily bendable, due to its inherent microstructure with a soft ferrite and pearlite core.

  • It has higher fatigue resistance, due to its uniform, thoughtfully designed rib pattern. This makes it ideal for cyclic load situations.