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Vijayanagar Works

Welcome to the world’s sixth largest steel plant.


Located at Toranagallu village in the Ballari-Hospete iron ore belt, our 10,000-acre, fully integrated Vijayanagar steelworks is well-connected to both Goa and Chennai ports. With our cutting-edge of technology and constant innovation, it has emerged as a steel plant with one of the most efficient conversion costs globally. 

What sets us apart

  • Boasts of a capacity of a whopping 12 million tonnes per annum (MTPA)
  • Houses India’s widest hot strip mill and one of India’s largest blast furnaces
  • Produces 800-plus tonnes per person per annum, making it the most productive steel plant in India
  • Recognised for its ‘zero-effluent discharge’ status; reuses more than 95 per cent of process waste
  • Has a low carbon footprint, with 96% of coke oven gas for power generation being recycled
  • Uses Corex technology for hot metal production
  • Employs a large-scale, low-grade iron ore beneficiation process
  • Uses pelletisation based on dry and wet process
  • Is the only plant with a combination of both non-recovery and recovery type of coke ovens
  • Is the only plant in India with pair-cross technology and twin-stand reversible cold-rolling mill
  • Uses sophisticated ambient air control infrastructure beyond and has reduced gas flaring


At the cutting edge of technology

Vijayanagar works has developed the most unique technologies & houses best-in-class infrastructure

We are Ambitious, Yet Caring

At Vijayanagar, preserving and protecting the Earth's precious natural resources is our priority.