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About the JSW Privilege Club

At the heart of JSW Steel's growth story lies the vital contribution of our customers and influencers. Today, we have the privilege to call them our 'family' – in the truest sense of the word. Through the exclusive JSW Privilege Club, we are proud to bring them ever closer to us. The club's purpose is to foster brand advocacy across various customer and influencer groups, all the while strengthening the special relationship through increased emotional connect. Members earn various perks and benefits, learn new skills, pick up loyalty points and enjoy rewarding experiences with their families.


Our vision for JSW Privilege Club is to cater to:

  • 300+ Distributors
  • 1300+ DSR
  • 32500+ Contractors/Masons
  • 2000+ Branded Outlets
  • 35000+ Fabricators
  • 7200+ Architects/Engineers

Salient Features

  • Multi-layer Hierarchy
  • Google Analytics
  • Real Time Leader boards
  • Online claim submission
  • JSW training modules for partners
  • Multilingual Support
  • Real Time Dashboards
  • Reward Catalogue
  • Regular update via SMS & Notifications
  • Nominate Partners
  • Purchase Registration
  • Campaign announcements & engagement
  • Helpdesk

Planned Activities – An Overview

As part of the JSW Privilege Club, all members can unlock multiple rewards and a calendar of special activities for themselves and their loved ones.

Downloadable link out:
For Android Users
For iOS Users

What Makes JSW Privilege Club Unique?

  • Join the Reputed JSW Steel Family - Become an advocate and cherished member of one of the leading brands in India

  • Unlock Exclusive Rewards & Benefits - Enjoy multiple perks and benefits for you and your family

  • Enjoy Special Events - Celebrate personal milestones and successes with curated year-round events

  • Learn & Train on the Go - Access training modules via JSW Privilege Club app to skill up

  • Earn Loyalty points - Win brand loyalty points and other exciting gifts

  • Track Your JSW Steel Journey on the App - Keep an eye on your work and productivity and learn about JSW Steel’s latest campaignss