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Case Study

Going places with JSW Shoppe



By taking JSW straight to the consumers, we’ve succeeded in pioneering organised steel retailing in India. And with our one-of-a-kind JSW Shoppes, we’ve also made our presence felt globally. Harvard’s Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation, took up our model of retailing steel in a 2010 case study. The journey towards the model has been an exciting chapter for us. We are India’s largest integrated private steel makers, offering a gamut of products & wide range of graded steel. And through the years, we’ve garnered the trust of a huge network of buyers, thanks to our large network of dealers.

When we decided to take our brand directly to the people, the managerial think-tank knew the challenge ahead was big, but one that would change the game. To reach out to the end users, and not just builders & fabricators would drive up the sales like never before. And so JSW Shoppe was born, a unique franchising model with new as well existing deals, but with a refreshed objective. The success is seen through the numbers. Not just the number of Shoppes we have launched across India, as well as the volume of sales.


When Harvard Business School took it up as a case study, it threw light on the challenges of transforming from a distribution model to a more relationship-based franchise model. It allowed students to find solutions, to problems that may arise when a distribution model is changed. We’re proud that our path-breaking initiative is now helping students across the world, as a model of sales academia.