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Implementing Global Safety standards for the community of Vijayanagar.

Vijayanagar Steelworks our 10,000-acre facility is an epitome of cutting-edge technology, global quality & innovation integrated Located at Toranagallu village in the Ballari district of Karnataka.

During the pandemic and the lockdown, the team JSW Steel extended support to the community of Ballari providing INR 5 Crore worth of essential food supplies to communities in need in the Ballari district. The Group also provided essential support valued at INR 30 lakhs to COVID-19 patients in District Hospital.

Our service and efforts to keep our community safe was recognized by the District Commissioner of the Ballari District:

The community of Vijayanagar

Communication & Awareness Drives

As the novel coronavirus spread through communities, it was essential for communities to understand the virus and ways to contain its spread. Communication was built in English & Kannada to control fear and educate on hygiene measures to contain the spread of the virus.



Over 38, 000 people from 7,100 households in 13 villages (Toranagallu, Vaddu, Bannihatti, Taranagar, Naglapura, Kurekuppa, Gadiganoor, Bhuvanahalli, Basapur, Talur, Sultanpura and Dodda & Chikka Antapura) were visited in their homes and provided with factual information on the virus.


Our Measure & Efforts in Vijayanagar

  • 15Cr

    Medical assistance provided

  • 5Cr

    Essential food supplies

  • 30 Lakhs

    Essential support at District Hospital

  • 5.80 Lakhs+

    Distribution of meals

  • 38 K+

    No of People benefited from Awareness Drives

Appreciation Letter from the Deputy Commissioner & District Magistrate

O.P. Jindal Vocational Training Centre (OPJC)in Vijayanagara converted into COVID Care Centre

Catch a few glimpses

JSW’s COVID-19 Hospitals

The Jindal Sanjeevani Multispecialty Hospital housed 82 beds while the OP Jindal Centre was a +121 bedded facilities that was equipped with critical medical infrastructure comprising of beds equipped with Oxygen, Ventilators (23) and Dialysis Machine all managed by a trained team of doctors and paramedics.

In early September, the COVID Care Centre at the OP Jindal Centre was discontinued as the need for beds for patient care decreased.

Medical Assistance

JSW has provided medical assistance in the form of treatment, medicines, hospital consumables as well as daily food provision worth INR 15 Crores to over 1200 patients so far treated and recuperated at its hospitals.

Nourishing the community


With the Akshaypatra Kitchen, JSW Foundation provided over 5,80,000 meals (16,000 meals per day) during the lockdown period (30 March - 9 May’20) to the locals and migrant workers in five surrounding villages of Vaddu, Kudutini Toranagallu, Bhuvanahalli and Sultanpura.

Periodic ‘disinfection drives’ in adjoining villages

Distribution of sanitizers and 23,000 surgical masks and 52,000 in-house tailored cloth-masks in 21 villages of Bannihatti, Taranagara, Bhujanga Nagara, Muraripur, Lakshmipur, Nandihalli, Susheela Nagar, Siddapur, Jaisinghpur, Venkatagiri, Ramghad, Dowlatpur, Krishna Nagar, Lingadalli, G L Panchayat, Sandur, PK Halli, Kurekuppa, Ubbalagundi, Talur and Toranagallu and also to contract/associate employees.

In service to our people

Located at Toranagallu village in the Ballari district of Karnataka, our 10,000-acre, fully integrated Vijayanagar Steelworks facility is an epitome of cutting-edge technology , global quality & innovation. Environmentally, it is one of the most sustainable townships in the world with excellent accommodation , healthcare , education , entertainment , art precinct and sporting facilities.

To contain the spread of this virus, which was primarily contagious through people in close proximities, we implemented the following initiatives in at Vijayangar Steelworks to keep our people safe:

  • Social Distancing Displine was enabled through staggered shifts
  • Socially Distant marks were made on factory floors to encourage distanced interactions
  • Company transport implemented a Zig Zag format of seating that ensured measured distance between two travelers
  • Regular sanitization processes were implemented in offices & shop floors through the day.
  • The Biometric System for attendance/plant entry was replaced with a contactless RFID System.
  • All employees were provided hand sanitizers and facemasks 
  • A dedicated COVID-19 Help Desk set up for 24-hour support
  • Company vehicles are disinfected after every trip to Ballari, Hosapete and Sandur
  • Regular education sessions for employees, contractors and unskilled staff

The team from Biopharmaceutical company BIOCON were invited to share insights on their best practices for fighting and flattening the COVID-19 Curve with JSW leadership team.


Testimonals Of Our Covid-19 Warriors

DR. RAJESH - Jindal Sanjeevani Hospital
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