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JSW Wire Rods is designed to meet multi-application requirements.

JSW Wire Rods are manufactured through the cutting-edge mill at Vijayanagar and Salem. The steel wire rods are developed under high/medium/low carbon grades, electrode grade, CHQ grades. The low, medium, and high carbon grades, electrode grade, and CHQ grade are produced at Vijayanagar, while Salem Works produces alloy and special grade wire rods. With the help of the latest technology, we ensure that all our products are of superior quality, with consistent properties and dimensional accuracy. An automatic thickness control system guaranteed dimensional accuracy using advanced numerical models. Manufactured in state-of-the-art wire rods mills (WRMs), our wire rods have a wide range of applications across industries.


  • High-speed wire rod mills (120 mtr/sec)

  • Excellent mechanical and consistent chemical properties

  • Low Sulphur and Phosphorous content (0.005%-0.035%)

  • Low tramp elements

  • Dimensional accuracy guaranteed by an automated thickness control system using advanced numerical models