Solar Panels for new India


Solar Panels and Metal Roofing: A Match Made in Heaven


Of all the sources of renewable energy, solar power is the most appropriate for daily use in residential areas. Unlike hydro-power that requires constant flowing water and wind-power that tends to be bulky, solar power systems are easy to install on rooftops of homes and other smaller structures. While solar PVs can be mounted on any kind of roof, a metal roof stands out as the most suitable, with an array of advantages for the project.

Service Life

Installing a solar power system on the roof is a considerable investment. The roof must be strong enough to hold up the equipment without requiring frequent upkeep. Also, the roof should match the longevity of the installed solar panels. For both these properties, metal roofing is the way to go. They offer the kind of durability necessary to generate cost-effective solar energy. It is also the most sustainable roofing type and is conducive to lower solar installation costs, which is important in terms of both environmental and economic energy efficiencies.

Solar Panel Type Flexibility

Metal roofing is suitable for both types of solar panels available - silicon and thin-film photovoltaic panels. Silicon panels are bulkier than the thin-film photovoltaic ones, which are flexible. In addition to these, solar laminates can be easily fixed on metal roofing. These laminates come in strips that can be stuck to the metal surface of the roof. This is an easy way of harnessing solar energy.

JSW Steel manufactures JSW Galvos premium Galvalume sheets and coils which is the primary material in fabricating solar panel mounting structures. In addition, JSW Steel is also the country’s largest manufacturer of colour-coated sheet that find major application in roofing thus providing key components of a sustainable solution.