Creating A Network of Digitally Connected Smart Steel Factories

Creating A Network of Digitally Connected Smart Steel Factories

We have embarked on a journey to augment our combined capacities to 37.5 MTPA by FY25. Our strong Balance Sheet will enables us to create new capacities while upgrading existing capabilities by combining Innovation, Sustainability and Partnerships. The Digital Transformation strategy will support these three strategic pillars through game-changing technological interventions.

  • INNOVATION: Our Innovation & Research initiatives increasingly focus on understanding customer requirements to develop a large variety of specialty grade steel products and specialized solutions.
  • PARTNERSHIPS: Our strategic partnership with JFE is reinforced through a strategic joint venture that is currently undertaking a feasibility study for manufacturing Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Electrical Steel in India (a product that is entirely imported by the Indian market). We are also collaborating with Indian and Global companies to create digitally connected network of Smart Steel Factories.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: We are committed to reducing over 40% in carbon emissions (versus base year 2005) through our smart steel factories and reach carbon neutrality for JSW Coated Products by 2030. As part of this Sustainability focus, are consistently optimizing our water, waste, carbon & energy footprint.

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End-to-end digital transformation of our steel manufacturing operations

The three strategic pillars of Innovation, Sustainability & Partnerships will be supported through end-to-end Digitization of our manufacturing operations by deploying game-changing technologies like Enhanced AI, Machine Learning & Robotics; Connected Cloud Capabilities; Edge Computing & BOT-based interventions. These interventions will enable us to create a network of Digitally Connected Smart Steel Factories in India by FY25. Our first smart steel factory to go operational will be JSW Steel Vijayanagar Works in FY23  followed by JSW Dolvi Works in Maharashtra, JSW Salem Works in Tamil Nadu, Downstream Facilities and Assets under Joint Control.

A smart journey of 200+ digital projects

We have identified more than 200 digital projects across our factories. These will cover the entire breadth of our Smart Steel-making capabilities including Raw Material Management, Quality Control, Energy Management, Safety Management, Environment Initiatives, and Maintenance Management. Our digital transformation to create Smart Steel Factories includes three critical parts:

Creating A Smart Iron Zone

We are combining smart technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Drone Technology, IoT & Predictive Analytics to create a Smart Iron Zone for managing bulk raw materials across our factories in Vijayanagar (Karnataka), Dolvi (Maharashtra), and Salem (Tamil Nadu). This Smart Iron Zone will ensure highest possible throughput while maintaining lower costs and reducing wastage & emissions. The Smart Iron Zone will also include an agile & integrated model for raw material selection as well as burden ratio optimization to optimize costs across sinter, pellet, coke oven and blast furnace. We are also developing a proprietary algorithm to save operational costs.

Creating A Smart Steel Zone

The Smart Steel Zone is critical to deliver consistent high quality. We are deploying smart steel technologies like IoT, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing to enhance throughput, minimize defects, increase machine availability, optimize operational costs and improve safety profile.

Creating A Smart Mill Zone

We are developing a Smart Milling Zone by deploying predictive smart steel technologies, computer vision & IoT to enhance throughput of our steel mills. These technologies helps us develop an intelligent roll-shop through large-scale automation. The Smart Mill Zone will ensure higher asset utilization while reducing energy consumption despite higher run hours.