The Rise of Steel

Learn why steel buildings are the right choice going forward

Steel Buildings on the Rise


Steel is becoming an increasingly popular material for use in construction of modern homes. In addition to being trendy, steel homes come with a plethora of benefits that would meet any and all needs of an eco-conscious home owner in this age of climate change and global warming. Steel-framed homes are incomparable, and they are a leader in the environmentally conscious age in which the construction industry is starting to grow towards.

Here are the reasons why steel buildings are the right choice going forward.

1. Recycling and Waste Reduction

In a steel home, every piece of manufactured steel is engineered, created and delivered with a purposeful goal. It is custom designed to fit your home’s structure, meaning no steel “waste” is produced on-site. Plus, steel is one of the most recyclable and reusable materials in the construction industry. Steel’s strength does not wear down and can be re-purposed easily for other projects. It is 100% recyclable, making it one of the leading eco-friendly building frame materials.

2. Reduction in Energy Costs

Steel, being one of the strongest possible materials to use for construction of home, can support thicker layers of insulation without compromising structural integrity. With thicker insulation, homes don’t lose as much heat in winters or coolness in summers and this cuts costs on your home energy bill. An insulated steel home can reduce your energy bill by at least 30%.

3. Environmental Resistance

Steel is amazing for its complete resistance to growth of mold, unlike wood. Steel-framed homes do not need any special treatments for preventing mold, decay or insect infestation. As steel does not absorb moisture, it does not host any bacteria that would compromise the health of the home’s habitants.

Steel is also highly resistant to natural occurrences such as snowstorms, earthquakes and floods. Steel homes have been known to resist earthquakes of medium magnitude. As water damage is the primary contaminant in a home after a flood, having components such as steel which do not promote mold growth lessens the proliferation of mold entering the home. By creating homes resistant to various environmental factors, they are able to last for a considerably long period of time.

4. Meeting Green Building Codes and Standards

With a steel-framed home, you can rest assured that your future home will be durable. Its unparalleled structural strength, reduced maintenance costs, environmental resistance and recyclability are reasons why a steel home has a guaranteed return on investment.