Making India
Better Every Day

What would 36 years of industry leadership mean without bringing positive transformation in every life we touch?

Words without action. Nerve without steel.

But, at JSW Steel, our narrative has always been different, for it has India and its people at its very heart. Our pursuit of excellence goes much beyond manufacturing value-added and high-grade steel products. For us, steel is but a vehicle to spark growth across communities, cultures, regions, and people. It is a foundation for India’s future inspired by its stellar past.

A future made better every day by transforming and nurturing lives, sustainably.

More than steel

Across India and over 100 countries in the world, our steel lends its weight to some of the most significant automotive, general engineering, machinery, and construction projects. Yet our capacity of 18 MTPA serves more than just to engineer buildings. Its ultimate purpose is to create infrastructural resources for socio-economic growth.

These strategic developments include ISRO Propulsion Complex and the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research. Here, our noble scientists seek to propel India further into space while searching for energy of the future. We have also helped build major international airports such as Delhi and Mumbai where countless dreams take flight every day. From ports springs prosperity, something which we have backed by building the Adani Mundra and Vishakhapatnam ports. The Delhi Metro and metros in India’s Tier-1 cities are the heartbeat of citizens, and we have forged them with steel that shall last generations. Moreover, as India’s logistics sector opens up to new possibilities, we have played an integral role in the development of important road networks including the Lucknow-Agra Expressway and the work-in-progress Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor.

Eventually, by 2025, we will manufacture 40 MTPA of steel to enable India to embrace its vision of being a global superpower. For us, there could be no better opportunity to serve the people than this.

More than a vision

Our country-wide programmes and initiatives in healthcare, education, and sustainable livelihood have positively impacted a million lives so far. Women empowerment finds voice in our rural, women-only BPOs while farmers benefit from our soil improvement and scientific agro techniques. Through our diverse initiatives, we have helped many young guns realise their sports dream – 12 of them even representing India at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Yet what is growth without sustainability?

Last year, we reduced energy consumption by 3.05 million GJ contribute to India’s climate change goals. And what about preserving our culture? Our heritage restoration projects such as reconstructing the flood-ravaged Kedarnath temple is but a step towards leaving a rich legacy behind for future generations.

All in all, we strive to be more than just steel. We strive to be the very spirit of this nation – within its walls, its roads, its centres of excellence and growth, and its institutions of hope and opportunity. Most importantly, though, we are inspired from the steely resolve harboured by every Indian - the unrelenting desire to make every day better.