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JSW Steel is the largest manufacturer and exporter of galvanised steel in India, and the first supplier of products with higher coating (550 gsm) to the solar sector in the country. Manufactured in state-of-the-art plants in Vijayanagar, Karnataka and Vasind, Tarapur and Kalmeshwar in Maharashtra, our products are trusted the world over for their unparalleled quality. .

The galvanised steel we make is not just high in strength, but also corrosion-resistant, eco-friendly, durable and lightweight. The zinc-iron alloy layers formed during the process of galvanising create a protective coat around the steel, keeping moisture out and preventing corrosion. Galvanizing also imparts excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance, giving our products unmatched protection against the elements. These features make our galvanised corrugated sheets, branded JSW VISHWAS, the most sought-after in the market. 


  • A wide thickness range for varied applications.
  • Manufactured in commercial, forming, drawing and structural grades.
  • Customised hardness rendered thanks to continuous annealing at the galvanizing line.
  • Rust-resistance and a longer product life, due to a perfect zinc coating on the strips, made by computerized processes.
  • A wide range of surface finishes, including bright, dull and matte. Plus, a choice of regular or minimum spangles, so you can customise these your way.
  • Sheets can be subjected to bending and forming without the flaking of zinc.

Galvanized Products

Applications & Grades

Structural Grades

Commercial, Forming and Drawing Grades

Roofing and Cladding
Heat Plates
Solar Heating Panels
Electrical and Light Fittings
Agricultural Equipments
Sandwich panels


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