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Ideal choice for applications that need best corrosion resistance.

JSW Steel is the first Licensee Galvalume producer in India that uses technology from BIEC International Inc., USA. This technology license gives us the edge over others by providing continuous access to the latest product innovations and process refinements through BIEC and the ZAC Association, which enable us to manufacture products of the highest quality.

The alloy-coated product contains 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon by weight. Made with the traditional hot-dipping process, Galvalume is a suitable match for applications that demand high corrosion resistance and heat reflectivity. They can use it across applications like construction, appliances, agricultural equipment, and several non-exposed automotive components.

Thanks to its shiny spangled appearance, Galvalume can be used even without a layer of paint over it. The JSW Galvalume sheet, branded JSW Vishwas+, is a unique product that is suitable for heating and ventilation applications. It has better resistance to oxidation and can withstand temperatures up to 315°C without discolouration.


  • Smooth surface and uniform spangled appearance.

  • A superior anti-fingerprint coating that looks better, and lasts longer.

  • Surface treatment as per ROHS (Restriction On Hazardous Substance) norms

  • A wider thickness range with tighter tolerances to ensure precision in end applications.

  • High corrosion resistance and heat reflectivity

  • High temperature resistance and formability