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JSW cold rolled closed annealed (CRCA) coils and sheets are produced at our state-of-the-art cold rolling mills (CRMs) in Vijayanagar. With our cutting-edge facilities, advanced operational technologies, rigorous inspection processes and integrated quality control, we ensure that everything made at our CRMs is of the highest standard.

By establishing India's first Continuous Annealing Line (CAL) in technological collaboration with JFE Steel Corp., Japan, we manufacture high-strength and advanced high-strength steel for the automobile sector at the widest CRM in the country. Our CRCA products are manufactured in deep drawing, extra deep drawing, interstitial free steels and high strength grades conforming to JIS, EN, ASTMA and IS standards. Dimensional accuracy is guaranteed by an automatic thickness control system using advanced numerical models.

Our CRCA steel has easy formability and a high-quality surface finish. Moreover, it has a consistent surface texture, with just the right balance between texture (for paint keying) and smoothness (for image distinction). All these factors make our cold rolled products the preferred choice for automobiles, appliances, furniture and other applications.



  • The widest cold rolling mill for automotive steel in India (Up to 1870 mm.)
  • A cutting-edge continuous galvanizing line with dual pot system for GI and GA production.
  • Higher strength products (up to TS 980 MPa), meeting the SEDDQ Grade.
  • A seamless, automatic material storage, tracking, retrieval and transfer system.
  • Proven global technology from SMS Siemag for PLTCM and JP Steel Plantech for CAL and CGL
  • Continuous pickling line with 1.3 MTPA capacity; the supplier: Flat Products India Ltd.
  • Twin stand 6-high reversing mill, with a 0.850 MTPA capacity; the supplier: SMS Demag, Germany
  • Electrolytic cleaning line with a 0.6 MTPA capacity; the supplier: Flat Products India Ltd., India Automation by ABB 
  • Batch Annealing Furnaces; the supplier: Ebner, Austria
  • 4-high single stand skin pass with a 0.875 MTPA capacity; the supplier:  SMS Demag, Germany
  • A higher reduction in finishing stands, with transfer bar thickness up to 55 mm.

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