Steel and Automotive Industry

Discover facts about how steel has changed the landscape of automotive industry in India

Why the Automotive Industry is Betting on Advanced High-Strength Steel

Steel has long been the primary material of choice for automotive manufacturers across the world. It provides desirable standards in strength and safety for vehicles at relatively low costs in comparison to other materials.

However, in view of global warming and climate change, there is increasing pressure on auto-mobile manufacturers to follow stringent regulations pertaining to their automobiles’ emissions and fuel efficiency. Regulating authorities in different parts of the world are now seeking to address this challenge by setting limits on automotive emissions and fuel economy standards.

Which is why, compliance with changing regulations controlling the automotive sector is one of the most pressing areas of concern and strategic thrust for auto-makers today. This is also why, auto-makers are increasingly putting the focus on how to reduce the weight of automobiles effectively to curb vehicular emissions.

This has triggered the need for intelligent innovation that can substitute the traditional steel material. While aluminium is light, it does not have the required strength and it is much more expensive. So, what’s the material on the forefront in the automobile industry today? When it comes to zeroing in on a material that can increase fuel efficiency and quality, without compromising on durability and affordability, no material has made more impact than the High Steel & Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS). This new generation steel packs in quite a punch, providing high strength, lightness and durability at the same time while maintaining formability that is crucial to the manufacturing process.

Today advanced high strength steels (AHSS) are being used for most of the new vehicle designed. New grades of advanced high strength steel can reduce vehicular weight by approx. 25-39% compared to conventional steel. Which means it can reduce the overall weight of a typical five-passenger family car by 170 to 270 kg and save about 3 to 4.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases over the car’s life-span.

With continued advances in technology pertaining to this field, applications for AHSS in automobiles will only expand. Apart from the automotive industry, there are a number of other industries which stand to benefit with developments in advanced high-strength steels. These are, shipbuilding, aerospace, energy and infrastructure. Crash safety, fuel economy, increased engine performance, and top speeds, as a result of the reduced weight, are all the reasons why AHSS is the future.

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