JSW Steel is 'Always Around': Inside Our 360-Degree Storytelling Campaign


Have you ever wondered what connects people worldwide, is infinitely recyclable, and is all around us – yet often invisible? For us at JSW Steel and the entire world, there can only be one answer: Steel. It is truly the soul of innovation and progress – whether accomplished in the past, propagated in the present, or envisioned for the future.

Steel is #AlwaysAround.

As the flagship company of the multi-billion-dollar JSW Group, we wanted to communicate the key role JSW Steel plays in our everyday lives. What better than emphasising and drawing light on steel's importance, presence, and versatility in people's daily lives – but in a very contemporary way?

Thus was born our latest campaign – 'Always Around' – a homage to steel and how it has changed the world for the better by being an intrinsic part of our lives. Key to the 360-degree integrated campaign is a one-of-its-kind TVC that has made millions stand up and take notice through its unique storytelling.

'Always Around' – Weaving a story around the stellar product that is steel.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, Always Around aims to shift the limelight on JSW Steel's role in our daily lives and how steel is the foundation of everything around us.

The campaign was marked by the launch of a highly engaging and creative one-minute film that showcases the various applications of JSW Steel through a concept called Claymation. Also known as plasticine animation, Claymation (a portmanteau of clay animation) is a type of stop-motion animation technique in which every individual animated piece is made of clay and has malleable characteristics.

In the 'Always Around' film, blue and red coloured clay blocks are utilised in every frame, as they constantly shapeshift and evolve into different applications of steel. From infrastructure - bridges,buildings, to packaging prodcuts, consumer durables to automobiles, these clay blocks change from one form to another throughout the film, thus showcasing the versatility of steel. Towards the end, the coloured blocks form the JSW Steel logo with the tagline 'Always Around.' This is a nod to the ever-present nature of JSW Steel in our lives.

The film launch was sandwiched between eyeball-garnering pre-launch and post-launch engagement phases. The pre-launch phase successfully built the hype and chatter around the campaign by teasing the audiences with the Claymation concept and hinting toward the universality of steel.

On the other hand, the post-launch phase was centered around a series of comment-based contests asking audiences to identify objects from the TVC and gratifying winners with e-vouchers. A publisher campaign was also run on leading digital sites such as TOI, NDTV, Cricbuzz, Indian Express, Financial Express, Inshorts, and programmatic ads to boost the impressions and views of the film.

A Campaign to Remember!

Overall, the 'Always Around' campaign marks our shift from a current product-based communication to master brand storytelling. The driving factor behind it is to showcase our brand philosophy in a modern avatar and connect with new-age audiences through more meaningful communication.

Watch our Campaign to know more!