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Explore JSW Avante’s range of stunning smart steel doors
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JSW Avante: Where strength meets beauty


Welcome to the world of worry-free world of JSW Avante – Smart Steel doors, the perfect entryway to your personal and professional interiors.

Avante – Smart Steel Door is a unique combination of the strength of the steel and warm which stands out by exuding not only style and the panache but also sets you free from the worries of the wooden doors.

JSW Steel Doors are a marvel to behold. We offer a scintillating range of Embossed, Combination Doors, Steel Frame Glass Doors, these doors are tested tough, making them a thing of lasting beauty.

These doors are available in plain colors and in wood grain finishes making it a more practical alternative to dated wooden doors. Steel is completely recyclable it is a viable eco - friendly option compared to wood print.

The JSW Avante wood grain finish steel door also eliminates the other major concern that comes with natural wooden doors – termite attack. JSW Avante Steel Doors are fire resistant, therefore giving better fire protection as compared to wooden doors. In case of a fire attack, the JSW Steel door stands tall, making it a perfect solution for a stress-free exit and to ensure safe, secure home and office spaces.

The JSW smart doors do not shrink or swell with the changing weather. The steel used in these doors is galvanized and painted. This offers double protection from any adverse weather conditions. Easy to keep, tough to the core, these doors stand as a fine statement of strength and elegance.

JSW Steel Doors have a honeycomb infill that provides high crushing strength and greater impact resistance. This hexagonal infill, made out of craft paper, has unique properties that enhance structural integrity, ensures minimal weight addition and eliminates the metallic noise while knocking on or closing the doors. Installation is quick and simple, ensuring the best turn-around time for both the property owners and professional contractors. With impressive functionality and visual appeal, JSW Avante is here to ring in a new era of worry-free doors for your home and office spaces.

Designed from the finest materials, JSW Avante steel doors are designed to overcome all the threats associated with wooden doors. JSW Avante is not just a conventional door, it is a statement of strength and elegance that is here to ring in a new era of worry-free doors.