A melange of colours and forms

JSW brings to you India’s
1st ISI certified colour-coated roofing sheets

Enhancing Aesthetics: Reasons to Choose Colour Coated Steel for Buildings


As a vital part of any building, the roofing of a house or commercial construction must endure all weather conditions and also protect against them. In this regard, it is worth considering colour coated steel which creates great opportunities in designing highly functional buildings that also impress in terms of aesthetics. We are now seeing a growing popularity of prepainted roofing sheets among home-owners and construction designers as it delivers this important functionality while being pleasing in terms of beauty. What’s more, in keeping with the times, these construction materials meet high environmental and quality requirements.

The base material of colour coated steel consists of steel which is coated with a thin Aluminium & zinc layer. This zinc coating protects the steel from corrosion by sacrificing itself and reacting with environment to form protective compounds to block further corrosion processes.

The pre-treatment layer works not only to further improve the corrosion resistance, but also to give a good adhesion to the coating layer. This is also the layer that gives the final product its colour.


Easy to Work With

Colour coated steel has the benefit of delivering a combination of lightweight and high strength. Over and above this, the material is extremely durable. These properties contribute to short construction time and easy handling on the construction site. The material is the perfect choice for renovation and extensions.



Coated steel provides safe and sustainable climate protection with very low maintenance costs. They will protect your building for many decades and at the end of its lifetime, the steel can be re-melted and processed into new steel products. Steel is 100% recyclable without losing any of its quality. Thus, steel is the sustainable solution, both from an environmental and economical point of view.


As the largest producer of coated products in India, JSW Steel brings together the strength of steel, the beauty of paint and enhanced corrosion resistance all in one unbeatable package. JSW’s colour coated steel come in a wide range of thicknesses, widths, colours and profiles. They are designed with superior coating technology to resist cracking and peeling, even during heavy forming operations. They boast a precision finish that is uniform in colour, texture and film thickness. With all these factors, the JSW Colouron+ and JSW Everglow color coated roofing sheets are a perfect solution for your roofing requirements.