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The Digital Era beckons in Steel Industry

Read to know how Digital Marketing is transforming the steel industry

Top Digital Trends in the Steel Industry Today


The digital era is upon us and it is unravelling itself every day. Every industry is warming up to it as it unleashes its potential in enhancing business. Here’s looking at the top digital trends influencing the steel industry today to give insights on their current and prospective activities in this ever-evolving scene.

The rise of chatbots...

AI-powered chatbot technology can greatly enhance the digital service experience of clients and customers. Chatbots offer the availability of cost-effective 24-hour support, and proactive, not just reactive, customer interactions. So, if a problem occurs along the production line resulting in delayed orders – your chatbot could notify customers and answer questions instantly, pre-empting queries before they reach you and releasing pressure on other channels.

The rise and rise of social media

Facebook dominates the social media scene with an audience size of 2 billion active users monthly. But there are other social media platforms fast catching up and more popular among different audience segments. Instagram, for example, has seen growth in usage across all age groups, especially younger people, with their most active users in the 18 to 34 age range. So, if you’re looking to build relationships with the customers or decision makers of the future, you know where to go.


Video made easy

Confucius said long ago, “what I hear I forget, what I see, I remember”. This holds true even for today. Video content is widely affirmed as the most effective form of media for both engagement and conversion. According to some projections, video will account for over 80% of all internet traffic next year globally. So, this is something industry communicators need to gravitate toward. Steel businesses can engage effectively with their clients by offering regular podcast episodes.

Paid content works

Organic reach has been in decline for some time on Facebook. There’ll be many factors but, essentially, content that drives active engagement via comments, shares and reactions is prioritised in the news feed over more passive engagement such as clicks and views. Most importantly, what’s your aim? Is it clicks or engagement? To get better conversion rate and the actual social media ROI, you will need personal and people-focused content. If you haven’t already done so, start re-evaluating the weight and energy you put into your organic and paid efforts.

Integrated analytics are critical

Comprehensive, user-friendly analytics and reporting system is vital for tracking, distilling and then clearly reporting upon all areas of activity, from corporate to crisis communications, and from employee to community communications. Businesses may also benefit from an overall picture and segment the data and perhaps even their competitors’ activities.

Not just regular reality

Nowadays Augmented Reality (AR) shows more immediate promise with forecast of substantial market growth ahead. Whether they move into mainstream use across industries or not, Virtual and Augmented Reality are extremely useful for specialised applications, particularly education and training. Various learning and training programmes to create innovative new training tools taking a modern approach to educating employees about our safety processes and procedures. Steel companies are already embracing augmented reality and the opportunities they present to enhance their business.

Staying on top in search engines results

Making sure your sites appear near or on top of relevant online searches is now established best practice and it’s no surprise with Google alone seeing 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. With the menace of fake news all around, it has become all the more important to tell people about your business and engage them positively before someone spreads fake news that damages your business reputation. That is why, it is so much more important to make sure you’re on top of that online search result so that you can make sure your accurate and truthful information is visible.