Towards a Sustainable Future

JSW aims to minimise carbon footprints and
leave a positive impact on the environment

JSW Steel: Champions in Steel-making, Champions of Sustainability

As a fast-paced economy, India is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years, and steel is going to be a critical part of this. Intricately linked to the growth and development, steel, in its various forms, has always been at the forefront of the Indian economy. However, with more environmental constraints, it becomes imperative to keep its precedence intact and foster the progress of steel-manufacturing accordingly. After all, what is growth if not sustainable?

With this in perspective, the World Steel Association launched the Steel Sustainability Champions programme to recognise companies which have led the way in creating a truly sustainable steel industry and society. In its second year, the Steel Sustainability Champions programme has recognised JSW Steel among six companies that have set the example in making tangible impacts in supporting sustainable development and a circular economy.

JSW Steel Ltd. is the flagship company of the diversified JSW Group which has a leading presence in sectors such as steel, energy, infrastructure, cement, sports among others. JSW Steel Ltd. is one of the foremost integrated steel company in India today with an installed capacity of 18 MTPA, and plans to up-scale capacity in India and overseas and honouring its commitment to sustainable development.

From coal to iron ore and everything in between, JSW recognises the bounties of nature that form the very life of its steel operations. That is why, its business operations are guided by the overarching philosophy of minimising environmental footprint and creating natural capital.

To that end, we have developed a mangrove restoration project at Dolvi, spanning 5000 ha across 5 villages. Today, Dolvi stands well protected from the impact of climate-related coastal hazards. Our Dolvi plant is also known for lowest GHG emissions amongst steel plants.

At water-scarce Salem and Vijayanagar units, we have strengthened the mechanism for water conservation and security by introducing dry steel-making technology, enhancing water utilisation efficiency, and recovering good quality water via reverse osmosis. There are water sprinkler/ wind net and dry & wet fog systems in raw material handling areas at Salem to reduce fugitive emissions.

India is a key global player that has pledged to turn around climate change for better. As a proud member of the country’s unique growth story, we aim to revolutionise steel-making by balancing the scale in favour of sustainability and environment, a responsibility we wear as a badge of honour.

We have been able to reduce the overall energy consumption in our operations by 3.05 million GJ in 2017-18 through our implementation of a comprehensive Energy Management System. Besides, 17.74 million m3 of water and 3.30 million tonnes of material has been recycled, and 113% of generated slag sold off to cement and road-making companies. In fact, we have also developed a low-cost, accelerated weathering technology for steel slag to dispose it off better.

Innovations continue to play a key role in our environment protection initiatives as well. We have 71 dust analysers, 8 gas monitors on stacks, 6 AAQMS, 22 CCTVs, and 6 effluent monitors in place across all our steel complexes. There is a CO2 injection system that can save 1000 m3 water daily and composting equipment across all sites and townships to reduce bio-waste. Introducing low-cost alternate coals and semi-soft coal in coal blend is another measure towards creating a green benchmark for the steel manufacturing industry.

Apart from the Sustainability Champions Award given by World Steel Association, JSW Steel Ltd. has been also recognised for its business and operational excellence with key awards including Deming Prize for Total Quality Management at Vijayanagar and DJSI RobecoSAM Sustainability Industry Mover Award in 2018. With the largest product portfolio in steel, JSW Steel is India's largest steel exporter, shipping to over 100 countries across 5 continents. We are constantly motivated to build a better future, a future that is robust and green.